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 In 1975 Chris Bearde came up with an idea for a new show during a conversation with Chuck Barris during a Hockey game. 
Chuck agreed to get behind the project.  ABC owned stations agreed to do a concept pilot as a syndicated series in 1975. The concept pilot was done at KGO TV in San Francisco with Gary Owens as the host (The second year of syndication Barris replaced Gary Owens as the host), and all the judges and some contestants were brought in from L.A.
  The Gong Show premiered as a half-hour syndicated series in the fall of 1976.  Barris, meanwhile got ABC interested in a daytime version of the show. .
 John Barbour was the networks and Chucks choice to host.
John really bombed at it, and hence Chuck was summoned to do the hosting of the show or it would be canceled. One of the most brilliant ideas that ever happened to a game show. .
As the series progressed and Barris personally took charge, creator Chris Bearde was told to stay at home and cash his checks.

chuck barris

  Although Chuck was a bit nervous and stiff when he first took over the show, he soon started to relax and the show became totally outrageous.
A few years later all this craziness was getting out of hand and NBC canceled the show.
  chuck barris  
  ABC picked up the show for the rest of the haul, and The Gong Show ended its run there. Chuck then went on to make The Gong Show Movie, which critics really blasted. After Chuck moved to France.  In The 80's the USA channel started reruns of The Gong Show, and in the late 80's a feeble attempt was made by Chris Bearde to revive the show with host Don Bleu. This was not the brightest idea going, after all there was no one who could replace Chuck, and never will be.
  While the show was still on NBC, Jaye P. Morgans flashing on the show caused switch boards to light up, and that episode was pulled from the air before it reached the west coast. This brought about the firing of Jaye by NBC.
Jayes shenanigans and wild language always seemed to get the OOPS sign.
Although everything done on the show back then would be considered tame and rated G nowadays, it was not acceptable back in the 70's.

  Jaye P. Morgan  

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